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Stir-fry Spinach With Garlic

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Stir-fry Spinach With Garlic Dark green vegetables like spinach are nutrient dense, meaning they supply the most nutrients for the number of calories they contain. Stir-fry Spinach With Garlic is a quick and easy stir-fry that goes nicely with beef or pork.

Stir-fry Spinach With Garlic photo, Copyright 2009 by Rhonda Parkinson, licensed to About.com, Inc

Mango Smoothie Recipe

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Mango Smoothie RecipeThe indescribable sweet and tart flavor of mango is perfect for smoothie recipes. Fresh mango and banana are flavored with lime juice and honey in this refreshing Mango Smoothie.

Mango Smoothie photo copyright by Rhonda Parkinson, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Grilled Ginger Chicken

Friday May 9, 2014

Grilled Ginger ChickenChinese rice vinegar and fresh ginger liven up the marinade for this ginger chicken that tastes fantastic whether grilled or broiled. This recipe is designed to make more marinade than needed - which can then be used as a dressing for a green salad to serve with the chicken, or simply saved to use for another time. (Note: the extra marinade does not come into contact with the chicken) .
Ginger chicken tastes delicious when thinly sliced and served with peanut sauce for dipping.

Ginger Chicken Photo, Copyright 2008 by Rhonda Parkinson, licensed to About.com, Inc

Chicken With Almonds

Tuesday May 6, 2014

Here's a good "go to" recipe for busy weeknights. Chicken breast strips are marinated in oyster sauce and other Asian seasonings, and then stir-fried with snow peas and bamboo shoots. Feel free to vary the vegetables as desired. Chicken With Almonds Recipe

Pork with Five-spice powder

Tuesday May 6, 2014

Easy to find in most major supermarkets, five-spice powder lends its distinct flavor to the marinade in this pork stir-fry with bok choy and green onions. Five-spice pork recipe.

Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce

Monday May 5, 2014

Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce Black bean sauce (actually, black bean sauce with garlic) pairs beautifully with shrimp in this stir-fry that includes a red bell pepper and green onion for color. Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce is meant to be served with rice and would go nicely with a vegetable dish such as Stir-fry Chinese Cabbage.

Shrimp in Lobster Sauce photo copyright 2010 by Rhonda Parkinson, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Celebrate Derby Day With Bourbon Chicken

Friday May 2, 2014

Saturday, May 3rd, is the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby. Looking for the perfect recipe to celebrate Kentucky Derby Day? Southern US and Asian Cuisine come together in this recipe for chicken thighs that are marinated overnight in good bourbon whiskey, soy sauce, fresh ginger and garlic and other ingredients. The recipe calls for baking the marinated chicken, or it can be grilled if your race day plans include an outdoor barbecue. Enjoy Bourbon Chicken on Kentucky Derby Day, or any day of the week!

Kung Pao Chicken

Friday May 2, 2014

Kung Pao ChickenThe exact origins of this spicy Szechuan dish, made with peanuts and hot chili peppers, is lost to history. While Kung Pao Chicken is named after an official or "Kung Pao" the exact identity of this person or when he lived is unknown. Some believe he was a crown prince who discovered this dish while traveling and brought it back to the Imperial Court, while others claim he is a general who lived during the Ching dynasty. Whatever the case, the stories demonstrate the Chinese belief that naming a dish after an important figure gives it more prestige, so much so that during the Cultural Revolution, Chinese revolutionaries renamed the dish "Gong Bao Ji Ding" or "fast-fried chicken cubes."

Sheila gives this recipe 5 out of 5 stars and writes: "This is so easy to make and fantastic. It's a keeper.".

Kung Pao Chicken photo by Alan Chen, Emperor's Garden Restaurant, Las Vegas Nevada, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Easy Chinese Chicken Salad

Thursday May 1, 2014

Chinese Chicken SaladChinese chicken salad is a great recipe when you want to serve something that is quick and easy to make. The only thing that takes any time is baking and shredding the chicken breast, and you can do that earlier in the day. Mandarin oranges make a nice contrast in texture and color to the salad greens and chow mein noodles. The salad is topped with a flavorful rice vinegar dressing.

Chinese Chicken Salad photo copyright 2006 by Rhonda Parkinson, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Quick Beef With Snow Peas Stir-fry

Thursday May 1, 2014

Nothing fancy here - just a quick and easy stir-fry that pairs marinated strips of beef with crunchy snow peas. This easy Beef With Snow Peas stir-fry recipe has been reader-rated at 5 out of 5 stars.

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