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How to Pair Wine With Food


Pairing wine with Chinese food can be quite challenging. Here's a few tips to make the task easier.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. For spicy dishes, particularly Szechuan cuisine, try a Gewürztraminer (white).
  2. For rich dishes, such as Shanghai red-cooked chicken, serve a red Bordeaux.
  3. For heavier northern dishes, such as Peking duck, try a burgundy such as Pinot Noir, or a Merlot.
  4. Try serving a Riesling, particularly Johannesburg Riesling, with Cantonese dishes.
  5. You can also try serving a Chenin Blanc with delicately seasoned Canton dishes.
  6. If you plan to enjoy one bottle of wine with several different regional dishes, don't get too adventurous. Try a white, fruity wine such as a Chardonnay.


  1. In general, white wines work better with Asian dishes.
  2. When in doubt, ask your waiter for assistance.

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