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Oven Temperature Conversions

Planning to make Peking Duck for a holiday dinner, but not sure which gas mark to use on the oven? Or perhaps you're not sure what the recipe directions mean when they call for food to be cooked on "moderately hot" heat. Find out which temperature or gas mark to use with this handy table of oven temperature conversions.

Cooking Instructions Fahrenheit Metric: (Celsuis, Centigrade) Gas Mark
Very Hot 475 245 9
Very Hot 450 230 8
Hot 425 220 7
Quick/Fairly Hot 400 205 6
Moderately Hot 375 190 5
Moderate/Medium 350 175 4
Warm 325 165 3
Slow/Low 300 150 2
Very Slow/Very Low 275 135 1
Very Slow/Very Low 250 120 1/2
Very Slow/Very Cool 225 110 1/4


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