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Culinary Dictionary of Ingredients and Cooking Terms - H

Hoisin Sauce (Photo)  -
A thick sauce valued for its unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors, hoisin sauce is made from soybean paste and flavored with garlic, sugar, chilies, and other spices and ingredients.  It is used in cooking, as a dipping sauce, and is a key ingredient in many Chinese barbecue sauce recipes. In addition, it is also used to glaze roasted meat. Hoisin sauce is available in both jars and cans.  If purchased in a can, transfer to a closed container and refrigerate.  If purchased in a jar, refrigerate after opening. Recommended Brand - Pearl River Bridge

Hot Mustard -  A popular condiment served with Chinese appetizers; you'll also often find it added to sauces in Japanese dishes. It is made by mixing dry mustard powder with water, causing a chemical reaction that produces a sharp, hot taste. Some recipes call for the addition of cooking or vegetable oil, which reduces the effect somewhat. Sesame oil and rice vinegar may also be added.
Recipe: How to Make Hot Mustard

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