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Fun Food Trivia

TRIVIA QUESTION: I am a fruit that people either love or hate. My flavor is indescribable - a wonderful, exotic mix of vanilla, banana, and other fruits, with perhaps just a hint of cream cheese. My odor, unfortunately, is another matter - to say I smell like overripe cheese doesn't begin to describe it. It is so bad that I am routinely banned from hotels and taxicabs. However, people sneak me in anyway because of my rumored aphrodisiacal qualities. What am I? 

TRIVIA ANSWER: Durian. Along with an unpleasant odor, durian is known for its spiky protective cover. Inside the fruit there are several segments, each of which has seeds encased in a pulp whose texture is similar to custard. Although it is something of an acquired taste, Durian is used in ice cream and candy.

Recipe: Durian Ice Cream

See a photo of durian

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