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Food Trivia Question

TRIVIA QUESTION: A popular fruit that has been cultivated in China for thousands of years, I can taste bitter or sweet, depending on when I am picked.   Related to the grapefruit, my name may come from Europeans confusing me with the French for "apple." Another popular name for me is shaddock, after the captain who is thought to have introduced me to the West Indies. I am a popular treat during the Autumn Mooncake festival; children use my thick skin to make a lantern to watch the full moon by. What am I?

TRIVIA ANSWER: Pomelo. The name originally may come from the Latin pomum, meaning fruit or apple. (The French word for apple is pomme, as in une pomme). An ancestor to the grapefruit, pomelo offers a sweeter alternative. Two of the more popular varieties come from China and Thailand; the former has a pale flesh and a yellowish-green rind, while the latter has a pinkish flesh. Nutritionally, pomelo are rich in Vitamin C and potassium. A popular snack, it is also used in salads and jams. 

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