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The first time my husband saw this strange looking fruit, he said that all you needed to do was poke a hole in the bottom and insert a long stick and you'd have an excellent mace. It's true, the durian could make a dangerous weapon, with its heavy weight and sharp pointy spikes. People are seldom ambivalent about this strange looking fruit - they either love it or hate it. This is probably due to its unique combination of a terrible odor combined with a wonderful custardy texture and sweet taste once you remove the skin and get to the fruit inside. An early Dutch explorer described it best when he equated it to "fine French custard passed through a sewer pipe." (Source: The Orient Magazine site). An added plus is that durian is rumored to be an aphrodisiac. While durian is normally eaten fresh, you'll also find it in recipes for ice cream, candy, and various desserts.
Durian Ice Cream

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