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Chinese-inspired Recipes Using Leftover Ham - Chinese Food
Leftover Ham Recipes - Not sure what to do with leftover ham? Try these Chinese recipes, from fried rice to egg foo yung.
Chinese Recipes for an Easter Ham Dinner
However, in the west ham is not a food we normally associate with Chinese cuisine. While we may have feasted on fiery stir-fried pork and chilies at our favorite ...
Honey Ham Recipe with Asian Pears and Green Onions
Honey Ham with Asian Pears - Thin slices of ham are steamed with brown sugar and combined with Asian pears and coated in a sauce with honey and soy ...
Healthy Chinese Fried Rice and Ham Recipe - Chinese Food
Using a non-stick frying pan reduces the amount of oil needed in this fried rice dish. Fried rice with ham serves 3 as a main dish or 4 - 6 as an accompaniment to  ...
Chinese Creamed Cabbage Recipe with Ham and Scallions
Chinese Creamed Cabbage – China is not known for its creamed dishes, but in this ... coated with a cream sauce and garnished with chopped ham and scallions .
Healthy Fried Rice Recipe with Ham - Chinese Food - About.com
Fried rice is perfect for busy weeknights, or when you're looking for a creative way to serve leftovers. Cooked chicken or turkey can be used in place of ham.
Chinese Ham Recipes - Steamed Yunnan Ham - Chinese Food
Yunnan is famous for its cured hams - try this recipe for steamed ham seasoned with peppercorns and fresh ginger.
Shrimp Fried Rice with Oyster Sauce Recipe - Chinese Food - About ...
Shrimp Fried Rice - a Chinese dish seasoned with oyster sauce. ... vegetables in place of the peas, and to double up on the ham if you don't have frozen shrimp.
Chinese Chicken Velvet Recipe with Ham - Chinese Food - About.com
Chicken velvet - Minced chicken is combined with egg whites and then deep- fried and cooked in a rich stock.
Chinese Winter Melon Soup Recipe with Black Mushrooms
1 cup winter melon (1/2 pound); Water to boil winter melon; 2 cups chicken broth; 4 Chinese dried black mushrooms; 2 - 3 slices ginger; 1/4 cup cooked ham, ...
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