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Eastern European Pickled Food Recipes - Eastern European Food
Here are Eastern European pickled food recipes. Originally foods were pickled to preserve them, but now it is done year-round.
Recipe for Pickled Okra Using Garlic - Local Foods - About.com
Note: This recipe gives you the amount to prepare per pint jar - double, triple, quadruple this recipe based on how many pints of Pickled Okra you want to make .
Pickles/Pickled Foods - Frugal Living - About.com
Pickling is a simple and delicious way to preserve foods. Surf through our collection of pickle, relish, and sauerkraut recipes for something new and exciting to try ...
Pickled Asparagus With Jalapenos Recipe
Pickled asparagus gets a touch of spice from jalapenos and is flavored with garlic , onions, and dill.
Perfect Pickled Onion Recipe - British & Irish Food - About.com
Pickled onions are a treasure in the British larder; no pie or Ploughman's would be seen without one. So easy to make with just a little time needed.
Russian Pickled Mushrooms (Marinovannymi Gribami) Recipe
Russians love to pickle foods, including mushrooms as in this recipe.
Kosher Pickles - Make Homemade Kosher Pickles - Pickling Video
Crunchy kosher pickles are a delicious snack, and also easy to make at home. See how to make your own kosher pickles from a family recipe that has stood the  ...
Mushroom Recipe - Pickled Chanterelles - Food Preservation
Pickling is one of the best ways to preserve chanterelle mushrooms. This recipe is easy but the result is scrumptious.
Recipe for Polish Dill Pickles or Ogorki Kiszone
This easy recipe for Polish dill pickles or ogórki kiszone (oh-GOORR-kee kee- SHOH-neh), which literally means pickled cucumbers, was adapted from one by  ...
Quick Refrigerator Pickle Recipes - Food Preservation - About.com
Recipes for quick refrigerator pickles that are ready to eat within 1 to 4 days.
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