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Breakfast in China

Learn more about the types of foods that are eaten most often at breakfast, and try some recipes for congee or jook, egg foo yung, crullers and more.
  1. Congee or Jook (7)
  2. Egg Foo Yung (6)

Scrambled Eggs With Shrimp Recipe
Scrambled Eggs - Shrimp Chinese seasonings enhance this recipe for scrambled eggs.

Chinese Breakfast
Tired of cornflakes and milk? Start your day with a Chinese breakfast.

Chinese Crullers
A basic recipe for making Chinese Crullers (also called Deep-fried Devils) from scratch.

Chinese Crullers - Quick and Easy
Don't have time for kneading and twisting? This crullers recipe uses frozen bread dough.

Congee Recipe - a Basic Recipe for Congee With Rice
A basic congee recipe made with long grain rice that you can enhance with garnishes and seasonings as desired.

Dou Jiang - Sweet Soybean Milk
Sweet soybean milk, also known as Dou Jiang, is a popular chinese breakfast recipe eaten with deep-fried crullers.

Scallion Pancakes (Spring Onion Hotcakes)
These taste great served hot or cold, for breakfast or a snack.

Scrambled Eggs With Chives Recipe
Scrambled eggs with chives - an easy recipe combining egg and garlic chives - feel free to substitute regular chives if desired.

Scrambled Eggs With Chives and Sour Cream
Scrambled eggs with chives and sour cream - Chinese flowering chives add a delicate flavor to this scrambled eggs and sour cream recipe.

Breakfast Recipes
A collection of recipes from my Recipe File, including Congee, Crullers, Scallion or Spring Onion Pancakes, and Sweet Soybean Milk.

Scallion Pancakes - Quest for the Perfect Pancake
A fun article in which Amster-Burton talks a bit about Chinese breads and then tries out two recipes for Scallion pancakes before coming up with his own variation.

Salted Eggs
These are a popular accompaniment to congee - eggs(normally duck eggs) are left to soak in a salt bath for three weeks. After this treatment the yolk turns a bright yellowish orange while the white is still a bit runny.

Breakfast in China
No recipes here, but loads of information about eating breakfast in China, including fast foods.  You'll even find a Chinese version of an Egg McMuffin.

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