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Congee Recipes

Here are several recipes for congee or jook. Includes a basic congee recipe, as well as congees made with chicken, duck, and vegetables.

Basic Congee
Congee is a classic Asian breakfast dish. Here is a basic congee recipe that you can add to as desired.

Congee - Just Like Mother Used to Make
Nate shares his mother's recipe for congee, made with turkey bones, peanuts and a number of garnishes.

Alva's Jook - Chinese Style Turkey Soup
A great idea for turkey leftovers. This recipe comes from Don in Hawaii.

Cold Winter Congee
A revitalizing dish to help fight off winter colds and flues, made with astragalus root, from About's Guide to Alternative Medicine.

Century Egg Congee (Pei Tarn Chook)
Made with chicken meat and a salted egg.

Jook (Congee)
Made with turnip and tangerine peel.

Chinese Breakfast
Tired of cornflakes and milk? Learn more about what the Chinese eat for breakfast, and try recipes for congee and deep-fried crullers.

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