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Cantonese Cuisine - Chinese Regional Cooking Styles

Learn about Cantonese cuisine, considered to be China's finest regional cooking style. Try out recipes for authentic Cantonese dishes including Lobster Cantonese, and western favorites such as Egg Foo Yung.
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Cantonese Cuisine
Cantonese Cuisine is considered to be the finest of China's regional cuisines. Learn more about cooking Cantonese food and try some recipes.

Beef and Peppers With Black Bean Sauce
A good basic Cantonese home-cooked dish. It is based on traditional Chinese portions, so you may want to increase the amount of meat used if serving it to the family.

Beef and Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
This version of the Cantonese recipe increases the amount of meat and uses premade black bean sauce.

Beef With Broccoli
The secret to this recipe is cooking the beef in 1 cup of oil to seal in the juices, and cooking the broccoli in water to make it crisp and tender. For a more authentic touch, try using Chinese broccoli, which has an appearance and taste similar to asparagus.

Beef With Tomatoes
This simple Cantonese dish combines marinated beef with tomatoes and other vegetables. A combination of oyster sauce and brown sugar in the marinade nicely balances the tomato taste.

Beef With Tomatoes Stir-fry
A variation, combining tomatoes and celery.

Cantonese Beef Curry
Introduced by Indian monks, curry dishes are popular in southern China. For best results, use one of the hotter or milder Indian Madras curry powders in this dish.

Cantonese Steamed Chicken Recipe
An easy to make, one step dish that is especially suited to family meals. Try it with Chinese dried black mushrooms.

Char Siu Bao - Steamed Buns with Pork
A classic dim sum recipe.

Chinese Steak
In China, steak is not served whole but it is cut into small pieces, making it easier to eat with chopsticks. In this recipe steak and peppers are stir-fried in a spicy sauce.

Deep-fried Beef With Oyster Sauce
Beef is deep-fried and then cooked with asparagus in oyster sauce. A recipe for Stir-fried Beef With Oyster Sauce is available at the bottom of the recipe instructions.

Lemon Chicken
Stir-fried chicken with a lemon marinade.

Mango Pudding
A popular dim sum dessert - this recipe by Stephen Wong includes a nutritional breakdown.

Pineapple Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Deep-fried chicken and a sauce made with pineapple juice and brown sugar, from your Guide's Recipe File.

Quick and Easy Beef Chow Fun
Chewy fresh rice noodles soak up the sauce in this dish made with black bean sauce and baby corn.

Stir-fry Beef With Oyster Sauce
A basic recipe for beef stir-fried in oyster sauce.

Sweet and Sour Pork, Cantonese Style
The pork is deep-fried twice to make it extra crispy.

Four Main Chinese Regional Cooking Styles
A featuring exploring what distinguishes each of China's four regional styles of cooking.

Cantonese recipes from your Guide's recipe file
I've included a variety of dishes from appetizers through to dessert. Recipes include Spring Rolls, Turnip Cake, Sweet and Sour Pork, and popular home cooked dishes such as Beef with Tomatoes.

Cantonese Recipes
Cantonese Recipes - A Collection of Chinese Recipes that are representative of Cantonese cooking.

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