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Chicken Lo Mein Recipes

Chicken Lo Mein can be a quick and easy dish made with spaghetti or ramen noodles for busy weeknights, or an elaborate stir-fry fit for serving to guests. You'll find both in this collection of Chicken Lo Mein recipes.

Chicken Lo Mein
A good recipe - it is based on traditional Chinese portions, so you may want to increase the amount of meat used if serving it to the family.

Chicken Lo Mein
Good for busy weeknights - chicken, ramen noodles, and fresh vegetables, from About's Guide to Busy Cooks.

Shredded Chicken Lo Mein
Made with udon noodles, bean paste, and dark soy sauce, from the China-on-site Website. (Cornstarch can be substituted for the potato starch).

Chicken Lo Mein
With cilantro and peanuts, from the Kraftfoods website.

Garlic Chicken Lo Mein
With fresh garlic cloves and vermicelli noodles, from the Recipesource website.

Pineapple Chicken Lo Mein
Something a little different, from the Tasteofhome website.

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