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Chicken Stir-fry Recipes


A chicken stir-fry is a great choice for busy weeknights. While chicken breasts are most popular for stir-frying, thighs or even a whole cut-up chicken can be used. Just be sure to cut the chicken into uniform pieces so they cook evenly, marinate to tenderize, and lay the chicken out flat in the wok or skillet. Here are my most popular chicken stir-fry recipes:

1. Kung Pao Chicken Stir-fry

Kung Pao chicken
TheCrimsonMonkey/E+/Getty Images
The stir-fry version of the popular Szechuan dish, with peanuts and hot red chilies.

2. Garlic Chicken Stir-fry

Chicken breasts are seasoned with fresh garlic and chile paste in this quick and easy stir-fry.

3. Ultimate Chicken Stir-fry

Chopped chicken breasts and water chestnuts are combined with heart-healthy cashews in a flavorful sauce.

4. Orange Chicken Stir-fry

An easy recipe for busy worknights; with orange juice and chile paste.

5. Moo Goo Gai Pan

Here is the popular Chinese restaurant dish, consisting of sliced chicken and fresh mushrooms stir-fried in an oyster-flavored sauce.

6. Asparagus Chicken Stir-fry

Here is a fun fusion dish that pairs Chinese and Thai ingredients.

7. Chengdu Chicken

This spicy dish is named after the capital of Szechuan province in western China.

8. Leftover Chicken With Red and Green Peppers

This easy stir-fry also works nicely with turkey leftovers.

9. Mongolian Chicken

Oyster sauce lends flavor the marinade, while hoisin gives a sweet and spicy flavor to the stir-fry sauce.

10. Stir-fry Chicken in Rice Wine

Another reader-submitted recipe, seasoned with white pepper and two types of soy sauce.

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