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Chinese Cooking Basics - Information about Cooking Chinese Food

Ready to take your love of Chinese food from the local Chinese restaurant to your kitchen? Here you'll find information on basic Chinese cooking techniques such as stir-frying and deep-frying, advice on buying cooking equipment, information on the ingredients used in Chinese cooking, and aids such as conversion charts for working with recipes.
Articles & Resources
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Easy Chinese Recipes
Easy Chinese Recipes - from baked chicken wings to beef stew, Chinese recipes that are easy to make.
Chinese Food and Cooking 101
For the novice, a step by step tutorial on cooking Chinese food.
Getting Started - What Do I Buy First?
My guide to the ingredients and cooking utensils you need to begin cooking Chinese food.
Cooking Equipment - Do You Need a Wok?
While it's not absolutely necessary, a wok is the one piece of equipment you should consider buying if you're going to be making Chinese food fairly often. I've included information on the type of wok to buy, along with steps for seasoning and cleaning.
How to Deconstruct a Chinese Recipe
Despite a long ingredient list, most Chinese recipes are really quite simple. Here are a few tips for quickly interpreting a Chinese recipe.
Cooking Equipment - Why Waste a Wok?
In case you need a bit more incentive to buy one...a wok has many uses besides cooking Chinese food, from scrambling eggs to steaming lobster. (According to one of my readers, it even makes a distinctive looking flower pot!)
Ingredients - More Information
A more indepth look at Asian ingredients, including sea cucumbers and sweet and sour sauce.
Ingredient Substitutions
Running out of a specific ingredient doesn't mean you can't cook Chinese food. This article includes substitutions for everything from hoisin sauce to water chestnuts.
Sauce Storage Tips - Refrigerator or Cupboard?
Does that bottle of soy sauce you just bought need to be refrigerated, or is it okay to store it in the cupboard? Here is a handy list of storage instructions for Chinese sauces and seasonings, along with telltale signs that a sauce is starting to lose its freshness.
Chinese Noodles
Find out about the history and types of Chinese noodles, and how to use them in cooking.
Quick and Easy
Tips for preparing Chinese food on those busy weeknights.
Rice Revitalizers - Ten Tips on Cooking Rice
Ten easy tips for cooking rice that is light and fluffy.
Step by Step Photos on How to Cook Rice
Boiling rice is harder than it sounds. Here are easy step by step photo instructions to cook rice that's light and fluffy.
Recipe Box
Here are all my Chinese recipes, sorted alphabetically, by the top 40, and in categories such as calorie counters. Includes recipes sorted by cooking technique, and regional Chinese dishes.
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