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Chinese Cooking Videos

Whether you want to learn how to stir-fry vegetables or make bubble tea, here are videos illustrating Chinese cooking techniques.

Chinese Cooking Instruction Videos
Don't know how to steam rice or season a carbon steel wok? These instructional videos on Chinese cooking show you how.

Most Popular Chinese Food Videos
Find out which videos on the About.com Chinese Food site are the most popular.

How to Handle Fresh Ginger
Fresh ginger is sometimes called one of the holy trinity of Chinese cuisine (the other two members are garlic and spring onions, also called green onions). This cooking video demonstrates how to peel and grate fresh ginger.

How to Open a Coconut and Make Coconut Milk
Although it is more commonly associated with Southeast Asian cuisine, coconut milk is found in southern Chinese dishes. Here are easy instructions for making fresh coconut milk from a coconut.

How to Stir Fry Vegetables
This cooking video shows the basic technique for stir frying vegetables of varying size and thickness.

How to Use Chopsticks
Learn the basic technique for holding and manipulating chopsticks, and then try them out at a Chinese restaurant.

Making Bubble Tea
Bubble tea is the popular Asian drink made with tapioca pearls. This video shows one method of making cold bubble tea.

Avocado Egg Rolls
Here is a different egg roll recipe, with a filling that includes avocado and fresh basil leaves. The video includes directions for making a hoisin-based dipping sauce.

Beef Lo Mein
Soft lo mein noodles soak up the sauce in this easy recipe from Rachel Edelman.

Moo Shu Beef Wraps
Rachel Edelman puts a new twist on this recipe for Moo Shu Chicken Wraps. Sliced beef replaces the chicken, and with a few adjustments the marinade for the chicken becomes a flavorful sauce.

Shrimp Wontons
Rachel Edelman shows how to make fried shrimp wonton with a simple soy dipping sauce.

Shrimp Fried Rice
This is a quick and easy recipe that uses cooked shrimp and frozen peas. Feel free to adjust the amount of soy sauce according to your own personal taste.

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