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Cooking Schools

A growing index of schools offering courses in Chinese cooking, primarily in the United States, but also Canada and a few international locations. Includes cooking schools for both the recreational and professional cook.
  1. Canadian Cooking Classes (2)
  2. Chinese Cooking USA (3)
  3. Cooking Classes Abroad (3)
  4. USA Midwest Mountain (4)
  5. USA NEngland Northeast (5)
  6. USA SEast SWest (3)

How to Choose a Cooking Class
Choosing a cooking class - Tips to help you choose a cooking class that best suits your needs.

How do I Choose?
Tips on choosing a cooking class and what to expect, from Your Guide

Celebration of Hawaii Regional Cuisine
A great idea - mix cooking and sunbathing by heading to Hawaii for a culinary vacation.

Tea Time
Check here for a list of individuals and organizations offering tea classes, tastings, and lectures on tea.

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