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Red Cooking Recipes


Red cooking consists of braising food in a liquid with soy sauce and spices such as star anise and Szechuan peppercorn, adding extra flavor and imparting a reddish tinge to the food. While red cooking is most commonly associated with eastern Chinese cuisine, it is found throughout China. Here are several recipes:

1. Red Cooked Beef

Perfect cold weather comfort food - I’ve included instructions for cooking the beef in either a claypot or a wok. A reader gives the recipe five out of five stars, saying “this dish should rather be called - Red Cooked AWESOME.” Thanks!

2. Beef Braised in Soy Sauce

Don’t have time to run to an Asian market for star anise or other Chinese seasonings? With the exception of rice wine, all the ingredients for this dish can be found in most local supermarkets, and you can always use dry sherry – available at liquor stores – in place of the rice wine.

3. Red Cooked Pork

Red Cooked Pork - Picture of Red Cooked Pork With Beer
Created by Chef Martin Yan. Reprinted with permission of TeamWorks Media
In this recipe from Chef Martin Yan, pork is marinated and then simmered in a soy sauce-based liquid that includes hoisin sauce and Tsingtao lager beer. Vegetables include carrots, onion and daikon radish.

4. Soy Sauce Chicken

A whole chicken is simmered in a braising liquid with light and dark soy sauce, star anise, fennel and Szechuan peppercorn. Chicken cooked this way is very juicy, with the meat coming easily off the bone.

5. Cold Chicken

This recipe is submitted by a reader whose Cantonese father used to make it. After cooking the chicken is cut up and brushed with Asia sesame oil and garnished with scallions.

6. Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

Don’t feel like cooking a whole chicken? In this recipe chicken thighs are marinated and then simmered with shiitake mushrooms and onion.

7. Wok Red-Cooked Chicken Wings

Finally, you can also use a red braising sauce to cook chicken wings. A great recipe posted on our forum by a reader.

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