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Classic Chinese Recipes


When it comes to Chinese recipes and cooking, the principles of Chinese cuisine that make it unique - the balancing of ingredients, the harmonious color combinations and satisfying contrast in tastes and textures - were established thousands of years ago, and are still practiced today.
  1. Dim Sum
  2. Popular Chinese Restaurant Dishes
  3. Classic Vegetarian Recipes
  4. More Advanced Chinese Recipes
  1. Traditional Chinese Holiday Food and Festival Overview
  2. Food in Chinese Culture
  3. Regional Chinese Cuisines

Dim Sum

Shu Mai (Siu Mai) Dumplings

The trolleys may be gone for the most part, but dim sum is still a great way to sample a varied assortment of sweet and savory snacks. Without a doubt, the best dim sum in the world is found in Hong Kong, with thousands of dim sum restaurants, some that still deliver dim sum using the traditional cart system.

Popular Chinese Restaurant Dishes

Ginger Beef

While some of these dishes wouldn't be found at a Chinese restaurant in, say, Shanghai, all are classics in that they have become staples at Chinese restaurants and take-outs throughout North America.

Classic Vegetarian Recipes

In China, the practice of not eating meat dates back to to ancient times. And just as Chinese cuisine as a whole is famous for its range and diversity, the Chinese vegetarian diet consists of much more than tofu.

More Advanced Chinese Recipes

These dishes take a little longer, but are worth the extra preparation time.

Traditional Chinese Holiday Food and Festival Overview

Chinese New Years Parade

Food takes centre stage at Chinese celebrations - many traditional holidays have their own special "lucky" foods and dishes with symbolic significance.

Food in Chinese Culture

It's hard to exaggerate the role food plays in Chinese society - people frequently greet each other by asking have you eaten yet? Not surprisingly, the Chinese diet is influenced by philosophical principles such as yin and yang and the Five Elements Theory.

Regional Chinese Cuisines

Kung Pao Chicken

While people outside of China often think of Chinese cooking as being one cuisine, there are numerous regional variations.

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