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Egg Drop (Egg Flower) Soup

Find out how to make this classic Chinese dish. Includes a basic recipe along with interesting variations(parmigiano cheese and nutmeg, anyone?).

How to Make Egg Drop Soup
How to Make Egg Drop Soup - Visitors to About's Chinese Food Forum share their tips for making Egg Drop Soup.

Egg Drop Soup
A basic recipe, with tips for pouring in the beaten egg, from your Guide's Recipe File.

Tomato Egg Drop Soup
Tomatoes and sugar add extra flavor to this egg drop soup recipe.

West Lake Beef Soup
This popular variation on Egg Drop Soup is made with ground beef. Feel free to add 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro to the soup with the other seasonings if desired.

Low Fat Egg Drop Soup
A recipe for low fat egg drop soup, using egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Roman Egg Drop Soup - Stracciatella
A recipe from Kyle Phillips, About's Guide to Italian Cuisine.

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