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How to Make Egg Drop Soup

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Egg Flower Soup

Standard Egg Drop Soup

Rhonda Parkinson

I use chopsticks for the stirring, but I use three at a time. They make excellent stirrers when in threes - for beating eggs, making a gravy, or for stirring anything that has a quick reaction like the eggs dripping into the hot broth. It really isn't hard to hold them, and I don't have any special technique. I just hold them and make sure they have spaces between them. From Jo-Ann

For special occasions I only use egg whites--it just looks more elegant. From Sheetz2

I usually beat the eggs lightly, so as to break down the white but not foam up the eggs. Using a ladle, I stir the soup so that "turns in a circle" around the pot. As it goes 'round the pot, I drizzle the egg in. (I do this at the instant I shut off the heat - you get a silky result rather than harder cooked strands.) From PABLOANDLISA

Don't forget the splash of chile oil. From Uncle Todd

I beat the egg well, adding a drop of toasted sesame oil and a pinch of flour. Then I tip the bowl slightly so the egg mixture runs out in a thin stream into the boiling soup. I usually boil only half the soup so I can add some cooled soup to it to make it drinkable without scalding anyone. From 1MOONANGEL

DO NOT season the eggs in any way before you stir them in! Let the soup flavorings stand on their own. From Uncle Todd

The way I usually do it is to use two forks while beating an egg. Then I slowly "stream" the egg into the soup, utilizing a fork under the stream to guide and to control the amount of egg I stream. Then I gently stir the egg into the soup until it is in thin strips, sometimes I slightly shred it. From MISTER38200

What you have to do is break one or two eggs in a bowl and quickly give them three fast stirs. Then hold the eggs above the pot about twelve inches and swirl the egg mix into the soup. From JIMMY669

After you add the eggs by whatever method, take the pot off the fire - this keeps the strands from turning into rubber bands. Another tip: Once you have the knack of adding the egg to the soup, throw in a few mini-meatballs before you do it (1/2", with chopped meat and egg and salt and pepper, maybe a little garlic and basil). With a little chopped spinach, and some rice or orzo you have Italian Wedding Soup. From Travis

Instead of a fork, I use a spoon turned upside down and pour the eggs slowly over top. This usually makes two ribbons off either side of the spoon. Been a flawless technique for me, hope you found this of use. From Katie

My Method For Making Egg Drop Soup

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