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Chinese Food for Chinese Festivals and Western Holidays

Here you'll find recipes for preparing special food for Chinese festivals and western holidays, along with information on China's more famous traditional festivals, such as Chinese New Year and the Mooncake festival.
  1. Chinese Festival Food (64)
  2. Western Holiday Food (40)

Chinese New Year Calendar 2014
2014 Chinese New Year Calendar – Learn the date of Chinese New Year and other holidays in 2014, the Year of the Horse, beginning on January 31, 2014

Asian Cocktails
Recipes for Asian cocktails to serve at your next social gathering.

Chinese New Year Recipes
Chinese New Year - Learn more about the food and customs associated with Chinese New Year, China's biggest traditional holiday, and try festive recipes.

New Years Eve Party - Chinese Recipes for Your New Years Eve Bash
New Years Party Recipes - Recipes and tips for throwing a New Years party with a Chinese theme on New Years Eve. Includes appetizers, main dishes, dessert, and a menu for a romantic dinner for two.

New Years Eve Party Recipes - Chinese Appetizer Recipes
New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes - Chinese appetizers to serve at a New Years Eve party or on other festive occasions.

New Years Eve Party - Chinese Main Dish Recipes
New Years Eve Dinner - Chinese recipes to serve for dinner, at a party on New Years Eve or any other special occasion

New Years Eve Party - Dessert Recipes
New Years Eve dessert recipes - Chinese recipes to help ring in the New Year.

New Years Eve Recipes - Romantic Dinner for Two
Recipes for celebrating New Years with a Romantic dinner for two.

Oscar Recipes From "Celebrity" Chefs
Whether you’re enjoying the Academy Awards with your family or hosting an Oscar party, you’ll want to have plenty of food to nibble on throughout the show. These Oscar-worthy recipes come from food “celebrities” – all have had their 15 minutes of fame, whether it’s through writing cookbooks or serving as a celebrity judge on a cooking show....

2008 - Most Popular Chinese Recipes
Are you curious about what type of Chinese food other people are cooking at home? Here are the ten most popular Chinese recipes on the About.com Chinese Food website in 2008. Along with homemade versions of Chinese restaurant and take-out dishes, there is a quick and easy chicken stir-fry and a tangy dipping sauce.

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