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Top 10 Dessert Recipes for a New Years Party


Here you'll find fun Chinese-inspired desserts (such as chocolate fondue with Asian fruit for dipping) along with classic Chinese desserts such as Egg Custard Tarts. Note: If you're looking strictly for more authentic Chinese dessert recipes, such as Sesame Seed Balls, see Chinese New Years Desserts.

1. Chocolate Fondue With Asian Fruit

Serving pineapple and kiwifruit fruit dippers is a great way to jazz up a standard chocolate fondue. Chinese steamed sponge cake also makes a great choice for dipping - just break the cake into pieces and dip into the warm melted chocolate.

Top Picks: Chocolate Fondue With Asian Fruit

2. Ginger Ice Cream

This light, refreshing dessert makes the perfect end to a meal.

Top Picks: Ginger Ice Cream

3. Fortune Cookies

Homemade fortune cookies taste so much better than storebought, and it's fun making up your own sayings to put in freshly made fortune cookies. Choose from Basic Fortune Cookies or Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies. If you need some help getting started, see my Top 9 Tips for Making Fortune Cookies.
Finally, if you do decide on storebought fortune cookies, try jazzing them up with this recipe for 5 Minute Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Top Picks: Basic Fortune Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies, Tips for Making Fortune Cookies, 5 Minute Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

4. Lychee Granita

If you're looking for something light that won't put your guests to sleep before midnight, Lychee Granita is the perfect choice. Sweet lychee fruit (available in tins from Asian markets and many grocery stores) is combined with lime juice and vodka to make granita, also called an Italian ice.

Top Picks: Lychee Granita

5. Egg Custard Tarts

These light, baked tarts are a popular dim sum treat.

Top Picks: Egg Custard Tarts

6. Almond Float

This easy to make dessert consists of almond-flavored gelatin topped with fruit cocktail or an assortment of fresh fruit.

Top Picks: Almond Float

7. Bow Ties

Egg roll wrapers are shaped like bow ties, deep-fried and finally coated in a brown sugar syrup. For a lighter version, feel free to dust the fried wrappers in icing sugar instead of the syrup.

Top Picks: Bow Ties

8. Mango Pudding

This popular dim sum treat makes a light, refreshing dessert.

9. Sponge Cake With Coconut Icing

Similar to Hawaiian Haupia, the sponge cake is made with coconut milk and topped with coconut icing.

Top Picks: Sponge Cake With Coconut Icing

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10. Almond Cookies

These light, delicately flavored cookies are the perfect way to finish a meal. Another option is Walnut Cookies - walnuts have played a role in Chinese cuisine since ancient times.

Top Picks: Almond Cookies and Walnut Cookies

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