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Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is China's biggest traditional holiday, a 15 day celebration filled with fun, festivities, and food! Here is a handy resource with everything you need to celebrate the Chinese New Year season, from tips on getting ready, to symbolic recipes and menu suggestions.
  1. Chinese Recipes for the New Year
  2. Chinese New Year Food Symbolism
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Chinese Recipes for the New Year

Chive Dumplings

Planning to host your own Chinese New Year party? There are a number of festive Chinese dishes that will help make any New Year's Eve celebration a success, whether you're throwing a large bash or simply enjoying a quiet dinner with a few close friends. Below are some recipe suggestions, from cocktails to dessert, plus a special menu for those of you planning a romantic evening for two. Enjoy yourself, and try to wear something red - the Chinese believe red is a lucky color and wards off evil spirits. You may also want to hang decorative red lanterns - available at Asian markets.

Chinese New Year Food Symbolism

Taro Cake for Chinese New Year

Food plays a major role in any Chinese New Year celebration, from crescent shaped dumplings to round Nian Gao sticky rice cake with a sweet brown candy filling. Learn more about the symbolic significance behind foods that are especially popular during the Chinese New Year season.

All About Chinese New Year

Leisee (Lucky Money)

What is the history behind Chinese New Year? Why does the date keep changing every year?

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