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Chinese Food in America

A number of articles looking at aspects of Chinese food and culture in the United States.

Who Invented the Fortune Cookie?
Fortune Cookie Origins – Who invented the fortune cookie?

The True History of Chop Suey
Learn about the origins of this quintessential Chinese-American dish in this feature by guest author Andrew Coe

Guest Author Andrew Coe
Andrew Coe – a brief biography of Andrew Coe, author of CHOP SUEY: A Cultural History of Chinese Food in the United States

Chinatown - San Francisco
A comprehensive guide to Chinatown from Betsy Malloy, About.com Guide to California Travel.

Cuisine in a Carton
From Salon Magazine: John Krich deplores the fact that the rising popularity of take-out restaurants has ruined the reputation of Chinese cuisine.

Exotic Chinese Food
A look at some of the more exotic foods you might find at an authentic Chinese restaurant, from Chou Dofu (stinky tofu) to live shrimp!

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