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Zongzi Bamboo Wrapped Dumplings

Types and Recipes for Zongzi, the traditional Dragon Boat Festival Food


Zongzi Bamboo Wrapped Dumplings

No dragon boat celebration would be complete without zongzi, sticky rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves

Rhonda Parkinson
Each region of China has its own special form of zongzi. For example, in southern China you will find pork soaked in soy sauce or bean paste in the middle of the glutinous rice. Meanwhile, Beijing zongzi is often made with dried dates. Other types of fillings include mashed red beans, egg, and poultry. There is also plain zongzi, made only with glutinous rice and designed to be eaten with honey or sugar. Zongzi can be many shapes, but the most common shape is pyramidal or triangular.

Making zongzi is a difficult proposition. Even experienced Chinese cooks find it a challenge to manipulate the bamboo leaves into a funnel shape and place the rice inside. But if you want to try, here are three recipes to help you celebrate this truly unique event.

Zongzi Recipes.
Zongzi - A basic recipe using glutinous rice, bamboo leaves, and Chinese dates from guest writer Ronghe Yu.
More Zongzi A nice photo tutorial of the process, with a recipe at the end, from Sue-on Hillman
Zongzi Recipe. This recipe uses duck's egg yolk, from Stephen Jack's Eating China website.
Zong Zi With Dried Shrimp

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