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Sesame Seed Recipes


Sesame seeds make a frequent appearance in Chinese cooking, particularly in sweets and pastries. Toasted sesame seeds are a popular garnish in Chinese dishes, and also lend the final touch in Chinese-American recipes such as sweet and sour chicken. Toasted black sesame seeds are the key ingredient in Black Sesame Soup and Tang Yuan, the glutinous rice dumplings that are a popular New Year’s treat. Here are several recipes featuring the distinctive nutty flavor of sesame seeds.

1. Bang Bang Chicken

Sesame plays a predominant role in this popular Szechuan dish, made with both sesame paste and sesame oil. A sprinkling of sesame seeds over the chicken makes the perfect final touch.

2. Beef With Sesame Seeds

In this flavorful stir-fry, thin strips of beef are marinated with honey and soy sauce, then paired with bean sprouts, celery, and red and green bell peppers. This recipe has been reader-rated at 5 out of 5 stars.

3. Black Sesame Soup (Sesame Tong Shui)

The key ingredient in this sweet Cantonese soup is ground black sesame seeds. You’ll sometimes find it called “gray hair soup,” as black sesame seeds are rumored to be a grey hair cure.

4. Candied Banana Fritters (Toffee Bananas)

Chinese Toffee Bananas
Rhonda Parkinson
You’ve probably seen this dish (or a similar version made with apples) at Chinese restaurants. It’s not one of the easier fried banana recipes to make, but it is well worth the trouble. Thin slices of banana are coated with batter before deep-frying, and then caramelized. This recipe has been reader-rated at 5 out of 5 stars.

5. How to Toast Sesame Seeds

Toasting white sesame seeds gives them a lovely golden color and brings out their nutty flavor. (Black sesame seeds can also be toasted). You can buy toasted sesame seeds, but it’s easy to make your own.

6. Sesame Cookies

Cookie dough is rolled in sesame seeds before baking in this tasty cookie recipe, which includes a nutritional breakdown.

7. Sesame Seed Balls

Sesame Balls (Sesame Seed Balls, Glutinous Rice Balls)
Rhonda Parkinson
Filled with sweet red bean paste, these delicious balls of deep-fried dough are a popular treat at Chinese bakeries. The filled balls are rolled in sesame seeds just before deep-frying.

8. Sesame Seed Fried Custard

Both the ingredients and method of preparation set this recipe from apart from more standard dessert custards. Sesame seeds make up a major component of the custard filling, which also includes powdered sugar. Instead of steaming or baking, the custard is deep-fried. An intriguing dish from Madame Wong’s Long-life Chinese Cookbook.

9. Tang Yuan

This basic recipe for these dumplings that are served in a sweet broth comes from Qiu Gui Su, About Guide to Mandarin. In addition to sesame seeds, the dumplings can also be filled with peanut butter or red beans before cooking.

10. Yuanxiao Dumplings

Black sesame seeds are ground into a powder before being added to the filling in these dumplings made with sticky rice flour (glutinous rice flour).

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