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Mango Pudding

This simple dessert captures the natural sweet flavor of mangoes


Mango Pudding
Rhonda Parkinson

The delicate flavor of mango pudding makes it a popular finale to a dim sum brunch. But you don't need to wait until you dine out to enjoy this sweet treat. Mango pudding is easy to make at home.

  Unlike heavier puddings thickened with cornstarch or flour, mango pudding's delicate texture comes from marrying mangoes with gelatin. Traditional recipes call for agar agar, a type of dried seaweed. However, most recipes simply use unflavored gelatin. If you want a more authentic dish, feel free to substitute agar agar for the gelatin - just remember that agar agar has stronger setting properties and reduce the total amount accordingly.

  The only real trick to mango pudding is making sure both the gelatin and sugar are thoroughly dissolved. You can alter the sweetness level by adding or reducing the amount of sugar called for in a recipe, or reduce the fat content by substituting whole or even skim milk in place of evaporated milk or cream. For a fancier presentation, simply decorate the pudding with a few lime leaves or slices of Asian fruit, as shown in the photo. The choice is yours!

Mango Pudding Recipes:

Fresh Mango Pudding: Stephen Wong's recipe uses puréed fresh mangoes and ice water. From the HeartSmart series.
Mango Pudding: A good basic recipe using Agar Agar
Mango Pudding: A Malaysian recipe using coconut powder and whipped cream

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