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Asian Pear Recipes


Sometimes called apple pears because of their round shape and crunchy texture, the sweet flavor of Asian pears is featured in numerous recipes. (Other common names include balsam pear and salad pear). Asian pears are found in the produce section of many local supermarkets and groceries. Here are several recipes featuring this popular fruit:

1. Steamed Asian Pears With Honey

Steamed Pear With Honey
Rhonda Parkinson
Here's a nice way to pamper someone with a sore throat - juicy Asian pears are filled with honey and gently steamed. The recipe also calls for Chinese dates, available at Chinese/Asian markets, but you can substitute raisins or regular dates.

2. Honey Ham With Asian Pears

This easy dish is one of my favorite ways to prepare ham. The distinctive sweet flavor and crunchy texture of Asian pears adds a nice finishing touch to the steamed ham.

3. Poached Pears in Plum Sauce

This recipe comes from Martin Yan.

4. Korean (Galbi) Marinade

Korean Food Guide Naomi Imatome-Yun uses an Asian pear in this delicious marinade for shortribs.

5. Asian Pear Vinaigrette

This Asian twist on a vinaigrette features the Asian pear along with Asian seasonings such as sesame oil and rice vinegar. It is provided by Kevin Weeks, About.com Guide to Cooking For Two.

6. Asian Apple Pear Crisp

Asian pears are crisp and light when eaten raw, but cook up beautifully in this Asian Pear Crisp. This recipe comes from Molly Watson, About.com Guide to Local Foods.

7. Asian Pear Cake

Packed with diced pears and pecans, from Southern Food Guide Diana Rattray.

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