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Chinese White Radish (Daikon) - Glossary of Chinese Ingredients, Cooking Terms


Chinese White Radish - Daikon

Use this flavorful vegetable in soups, stir-fries and braised "red-cooked" dishes

Rhonda Parkinson
Definition: Also known simply as White Radish, and in Japan as Daikon or Daikon radish, this popular Asian vegetable bears little resemblance to small, round red radishes found in tossed green salads. Instead, Chinese white radish, or Raphanus sativus to use its scientific name, resembles a large white carrot. While Japanese cooks rely on Daikon's sharp bite to add flavor to relishes and salads, in China it is used more in cooking. Chinese white radish is added to Chinese soups, stir-fries and "red-cooked dishes", where the food is slowly simmered in soy sauce. Turnip Cake made with Chinese white radish is a popular Chinese New Year dish.

In addition to Asian recipes, feel free to use Chinese white radish whenever you're looking for a creative alternative to potatoes or turnips. You'll be helping your family get more vitamin C and calcium in their diet.

Written by Rhonda Parkinson
Also Known As: Daikon, white radish, Lo Bak, Low Bak, Chinese icicle radish
Recipes Using Chinese White Radish (Daikon):

Spicy Red Cooked Beef

Turnip Cake- more like a bread than a cake, Turnip Cake is traditionally served during the Chinese New Year season.

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