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Buying Mooncakes - Where to Buy Mooncakes and Mooncake Molds (Presses)

A resource for purchasing both pre-packaged mooncakes and the mooncake molds (also called mooncake presses) that are used to make mooncakes, including retail outlets and online vendors.

Eastern Bakery
Located in San Francisco, Eastern Bakery is the oldest Chinese mooncake bakery in North America. They ship mooncakes throughout the United States, year round. (Orders are placed by telephone).

Kee Wah Bakery
They sell many different types of mooncakes, including mooncakes made with lotus seed paste, red bean paste and green bean paste. They deliver to the Continental United States, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and several other countries. (Mooncakes are available only during the Mid-Autumn Festival season). The website includes addresses and telephone numbers for its California stores.

China Sprout
Based in New York city, they offer a selection of four mooncakes from a New York Chinese bakery that can be ordered online.

Mooncake Molds (Mooncake Presses)
Want to try making your own? These handcarved wooden molds from the Wok Shop in San Francisco are sold all year round, not just during holiday seasons. A mooncake recipe is included with the molds.

Sheng Hee Bakery
One of the better known bakery outlets in California, you can also order online from their website. They offer a number of gift boxes featuring various assortments of mooncakes. (Note: the English version of the site is rather limited).

The Baker's Cottage
Located in Malaysia, they provide an interesting assortment of mooncakes, including less traditional versions such as Tiramisu and Mocha Macadamia Mooncake. Mooncakes are only available during the Mid-Autumn festival season.

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