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Chinese Noodles Recipes

Learn about Chinese noodles here, and a large selection of recipes using wheat flour, rice flour, and mung bean noodles. Includes popular dishes like lo mein and Singapore Noodles.
  1. Chow Mein Recipes (9)
  2. Lo Mein Recipes (7)

Ants Climbing a Tree
Cellophane noodles flecked with morsels of pork.

Asian Noodles - Oodles of Asian Noodles!
Everything you wanted to know about Asian noodles, from photographs to cooking times and recipes.

Baked Wonton Wrapper Recipe - a Recipe for 5 Minute Baked Wonton Wrappers
baked wonton wrapper - here is a quick and easy snack for kids and adults alike.

Bow Thai Pasta
The perfect choice for a romantic dinner for two - Bow-tie pasta is mixed with a flavorful sauce and quickly tossed with cooked shrimp.

Chinese Noodles
Learn more about the history of noodles, different types of noodles, and the difference between lo mein and chow mein. Includes photographs. (An article from your Guide).

Chinese Noodles in Soup
Chinese Noodles in Soup - Noodles in soup are far more popular than fried noodles. This recipe comes from Chef Deh-ta Hsiung.

Chow Mein Noodles
Chow Mein Noodles - Here is a classic way of cooking pan-fried noodles served with Chinese chow mein dishes.

Cold Sesame Noodles
This cold noodle dish consists of vegetables and pasta topped with a tart vinegar and sesame sauce.

Dan Dan Noodles
Dan Dan Noodles – Easy Step by Step Photo Instructions to Make Dan Dan Noodles

Dan Dan Noodles
Dan Dan Noodles - An intriguing combination of flavors highlight this popular restaurant dish from China's Szechuan province.

Dan Dan Sauce
Dan Dan Sauce - here is the spicy sauce used in Dan Dan Mian (Dan Dan Noodles). Feel free to use it on Chinese noodles or pasta.

Easy Dan Dan Noodles
Dan Dan Noodle Recipe – There are nearly as many ways of preparing this spicy Szechuan dish as there are chefs! Here are step by step instructions, with photos, showing an easy way to make Dan Dan Noodles.

Longevity Noodles
This popular noodle dish, also called long-life noodles, is often served on birthdays, New Years, and other special occasions.

Noodles in Peanut Sauce
Hakka chinese noodles flavored with peanut sauce.

Noodle Recipes
Fifteen recipes from my recipe file - everything from Ants Climbing a Tree and Char Kway Teow to Szechuan Noodles and Three Flavored Lo Mein.

Noodles With Meat Sauce
Noodles with meat sauce - ground beef or pork and noodles are cooked in a savory sauce in this warming dish from Northern China.

Oodles of Noodles
A directory of all my noodle resources, including recipes, cooking times, and photo instructions on making world famous hand-pulled noodles.

Pan-fried Noodles
This is a basic recipe for making pan-fried noodles, also known as "Noodle Cake" and "Twice Cooked" or "Twice Browned" noodles.

P.F. Chang's Zodiac Noodles
Thin strands of rice noodles are combined with ham, cabbage and shiitake mushrooms in a spicy Kung Pao-style sauce.

Shanghai Pan-Fried Noodles
A recipe for Shanghai pan-fried noodles with savory pork and cabbage.

Shanghai Stir-fried Noodles Recipe
This version of stir-fried Shanghai noodles contains chicken and shrimp.

Shanghai Stir-fried Noodles With Chicken
Shanghai noodles, chicken, and cabbage are flavored with a sweet and spicy hoisin sauce.

Singapore Noodles With Shrimp
Another version of the popular dish, made with shrimp.

Szechuan Noodles
Thin noodles cooked in a spicy sauce.

Chinese Noodle Recipes
Chinese Noodle Recipes Go into any Asian supermarket and youll find an amazing variety of noodles. From Dan Dan Mien to Longevity Noodles, here is a variety of favorite Chinese noodle recipes.

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