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Nutrition and Chinese Food - Health Benefits, Concerns, Special Diets

If you're interested in learning more about nutritional benefits of Chinese food, here is the place to find out more about preparing healthy Chinese meals, and incorporating Chinese food into specific diet plans such as low-carb.
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  3. Healthy Dining Out
  4. Low Carb Chinese Recipes (27)
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Healthy Super Bowl Recipes
For many of us, Super Bowl Sunday presents the biggest challenge to our New Year’s resolution to lose weight. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest food “holidays” in North America, second only to Thanksgiving. But you can serve lighter fare along with the deep-fried munchies, calorie laden dips, and beer. Here are several healthy Chinese and...

Healthy Chinese Recipes
A collection of healthy Chinese recipes, from soups and sides to main dishes.

Food as Medicine
Food as Medicine - Information on the different foods the Chinese use to treat various illnesses.

How to Lower the Salt in Chinese Cooking
While Chinese cooking can be very healthy, the level of salt in Chinese dishes can be quite high. Here are tips to help you reduce the level of sodium when cooking Chinese food.

Soy Sauce Substitute
One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of salt in Chinese cooking is to use a soy sauce substitute. This easy recipe lets you make your own.

Calorie Counters - Healthy Chinese Recipes
Each of these Chinese recipes includes a nutritional breakdown. Find out the calorie count in recipes for chop suey, chow mein, and more.

Chinese Food and Nutrition
Information on the nutritional value of following a diet containing Chinese food.

Gluten-Free Ingredients
Here is a comprehensive list of gluten-free ingredients that are available in the Chicago area and on the Internet, that includes several Chinese ingredients such as hoisin sauce.

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