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Nutrition and Chinese Food

Resources on the health aspects of a Chinese food diet, and healthy recipes


Fresh Chinese: Over 80 Healthy Chinese Recipes, by Wynnie Chan
Nutritionist Dr. Wynnie Chan provides easy to follow recipes, covering everything from soups to dessert. Every recipes includes a nutritional analysis. She also includes suggestions for pairing recipes in the book.

Book Review - Heart Smart Chinese Cooking
Published by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, this book contains a wide assortment of Chinese recipes, complete with nutritional breakdown. Included with my review are five recipes from the book. 

Chinese Food Hunger
Can it make you fat?

Calorie Counters
Here is a list of Chinese recipes with a nutritional breakdown for each recipe, including calorie count, percentage of calories that come from fat, and more. Low carb and low fat recipes are indicated.

  Food as Medicine
From the exotic to the every day, find out about the different foods the Chinese use to improve bodily health.

How to Lower the Fat in Chinese Cooking
Tips for making Chinese dishes that are low in fat but still tasty.

Low Carb Chinese
You don’t need to give up Chinese food to stay on a carbohydrated reduced diet. From sesame beef to almond chicken, here is a wide selection of low carb recipes.

MSG - Pros and Cons
Should you use MSG (Monosodium glutamate) when preparing Chinese food? The experts speak out.

Soy - Superbean or Super threat?
The pros and cons of consuming soy.

The Lure of Chocolate
Not only does chocolate taste great and make you feel good, but it may even be healthier for you than tea.

The Miracle of Green Tea
Learn more about the healing properties of green tea - the secret lies in the polyphenols.

Yin and Yang
Learn more about the role of yin and yang in Chinese cooking. (Also listed under Cooking Basics)
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