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Chinese Christmas Gift Ideas


Here are some fun gift ideas for people who love eating (if not necessarily cooking!) Chinese food.

One note before getting started: Depending on who you are shopping for, you may first want to check out this feature "Do and Don't Tips for Choosing a Gift For Your Chinese Friend."

1. Dim Sum Clock

Spring rolls at 6:00 p.m., anyone? This eyecatching handmade clock features various dim sum items in place of numbers, arranged on a bamboo steamer. The clock is battery operated with a quartz movement, and ships out of San Francisco (international orders accepted).

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2. Gongfu Tea Set

Made from the purple clay in the Yixing region in Jiangsu province in Eastern China, Yixing Teapots are famous for their tea brewing capabilities. The unglazed, porous clay absorbs the flavor of the brewing tea: it is said that after years of continued use you can brew a passable cup of tea from a seasoned Yixing teapot by simply adding water to it. This set comes with 1 brewing teapot, 1 aroma teapot, 6 aroma cups and 6 drinking cups.

Learn more about Gongfu Brewing - from About's Guide To Coffee and Tea

3. Fabric Fortune Cookies

For sewers, this photo tutorial shows how to make a fortune cookie out of pieces of fabric. These would make a cute stocking stuffer (you'll need to write a fortune, of course!). Another idea is to string a piece of ribbon through the middle and use them as gift tie-ons.

4. Clothespin Chopsticks

This is a fun and useful gift for kids or anyone who really struggles with chopsticks – the 9-inch "giant clothespins" are spring loaded for easier handling, easy to clean (dishwasher safe), and come in a variety of colors.

5. Rosewood Chopsticks With Case

Something a little more elegant – the rosewood chopsticks come in their own case. From The Wok Shop.

Chopsticks - a few more ideas, using a range of materials and with different designs, including Mother of Pearl chopsticks, teak chopsticks with an interesting twist design, and chopsticks made from teakwood and water buffalo horn.

Video: How to Use Chopsticks

6. Chinese Fish Pattern Dishes

No doubt you've seen these when browsing through Chinatown or an Asian market – the classic porcelain dishes with a blue fish design. Sold through San Francisco's The Wok Shop, this 24-piece set includes four 10-inch dinner plates, four 8-inch salad plates, four rice bowls, four tea cups, four soup spoons, and four 4-inch soy sauce dishes. Sells for $60.00 U.S.

7. Longevity Dishes

If you're looking for dinnerware that's a little more elegant, these eye-catching blue and white dishes present 100 different ways to write the character for longevity. From The Wok Shop, this 20-piece set includes 4 10-inch dinner plates, 4 8-inch salad plates, 4 rice bowls, 4 tea cups, and 4 soup spoons. It sells for $80 U.S. (Additional pieces that can be purchased separately include a large noodle bowl, soup bowls and a teapot and teacups).

8. Cash in Lucky Red Envelopes

Cash is always a popular gift – in Asian communities money in lucky red envelopes is given on special occasions such as weddings, graduation and birthdays. This set has six lucky envelopes, each containing a coin.

Double Happiness Lucky Money Red Envelopes - a set of 50 envelopes with the double happiness symbol

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