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Top 5 Online Shopping Stores for Chinese Ingredients, Cooking Equipment, Utensils


Don't live near an Asian grocery store? Here are several excellent online stores to help you with online shopping for Chinese ingredients and cooking equipment.

1. The Wok Shop

The Wok Shop has been in business for over 35 years (if you've been to San Francisco you may have visited this family-owned shop on Grant Avenue, in the heart of Chinatown). Their online store is a great resource for harder to find cooking accessories such as tempura racks, wok spatulas, mooncake molds and more. They also carry a wide selection of woks, cleavers, steamer racks and other standard Chinese cooking equipment.

2. Ethnic Grocer

A division of Namaste Partners Ltd., this Illinois based company specializes in authentic ethnic products. Click on "Shop by Country" to check out an extensive array of Chinese cooking products, including grains, condiments and seasonings, rice and grains, sauces, oils and rice vinegars. This is an excellent place to begin your online search for Chinese ingredients.

3. Wing Yip (United Kingdom)

In business for over 30 years, Wing Yip now offers online shopping. They carry a wide variety, of Chinese ingredients, including sauces and dips, seasonings and spices, oil, cooking wine and vinegar, rice, noodles and cooking equipment. They carry their own Wing Yip line of products as well as other brand names. They also offer some fun gift hampers, such as a hamper with five premium Asian beers and a cook's apron.

4. Earthy Delights

Catering to both professional and at-home chefs, this Michigan based supplier has a variety of Asian sauces and seasonings, as well as sesame seeds, dried chili peppers and other ingredients. Their focus is more on Asian than Chinese cooking, however, so don't plan to use them as your only online source.

5. Organic Kingdom

Based in Utah, Organic Kingdom provides a range of organically grown products, from beans and nuts and seeds to baking products. I've included them here as they are one of the few online stores to carry wheat starch, a key ingredient in Chinese Har Gau dumplings.

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