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How to Make Prawn Crackers


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Prawn Crackers - An Irresistible Snack
Prawn Flavored Chips
Rhonda Parkinson

Prawn crackers (also called prawn flavored crackers and shrimp chips) are the tasty prawn flavored chips that puff up when deep-fried. Prawn Crackers are very addictive, despite the fact that their texture has been compared to styrofoam - I find that they remind me of Cheesies, but with a delicate seafood flavor replacing the cheese. They make a great snack food for kids and adults alike, and go very well with beer.

What You'll Need to Make Crackers

  • A package of prawn flavored crackers (as shown in the photo)
  • A wok or other equipment for deep-frying
  • Oil for deep-frying
  • a wooden chopstick or deep-fry thermometer
  • A strainer
  • paper towels

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