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Chinese Dumplings - Potstickers

Potstickers are dumplings that have been steamed on one side and pan-fried on the other. Includes meat and vegetarian potstickers and a potsticker dipping sauce.

Perfect Potstickers
Everything you wanted to know about potstickers, from the legend of potstickers to information on making the dough, potsticker recipes, dip suggestions, and freezing tips.

Chinese Potstickers
A recipe for chinese dumplings with pork that are known as potstickers. Easy to make, potstickers are pan-fried on the bottom and steamed on top.

Chinese Pan-fried Dumplings (Potstickers)
In this recipe the potstickers are filled with healthy vegetables, including bok choy and sui choy and green onion.

Gyoza Recipe - Japanese Potstickers Recipe
Gyoza is the Japanese name for potstickers. This recipe uses hot chili oil and sesame oil.

Potsticker Dipping Sauce
A flavorful sauce made with red rice vinegar that can be served with potstickers or other dumplings.

Potstickers With Prawn and Cilantro
Fresh herbs lend flavor to this recipe for pan-fried pork dumplings also known as potstickers. The recipe takes a short cut by using wonton or gyoza wrappers, but you can also make your own dumpling dough.

Vegetarian Potstickers
Made with tofu and Chinese vegetables.

Wor Tip Cantonese Potsticker Recipe
Wor Tip Potsticker - this Cantonese recipe for potstickers comes from Have Some Dim Sum by Evelyn Chau.

How to Freeze Potstickers
When you're making dumplings for a crowd, it's often easier to prepare them ahead of time and cook them later. Here are simple instructions for freezing potstickers.

Trivia Question - Peking Ravioli
Find out how potstickers came to have this unusual nickname.

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