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Chinese Chicken and Poultry Recipes

Information and resources pertaining to cooking Chinese chicken and poultry dishes, with an extensive list of recipes.
  1. Chicken Lo Mein (6)
  2. Chicken Recipes - A to Z (30)
  3. Chinese Chicken Salad (4)
  4. Chinese Chicken Wings (4)
  5. Hoisin Chicken (4)
  6. Orange Chicken (3)
  7. Poultry Recipes A to D (19)
  8. Poultry Recipes E to O (26)
  9. Poultry Recipes P to Z (12)
  10. Sweet and Sour (3)

Lemon Chicken Recipes
Lemon Chicken – It seems that every culture has its own special recipe for lemon chicken! Here are a number of Chinese and Asian-inspired lemon chicken recipes, including steamed lemon chicken and grilled chicken thighs.

Chinese Chicken and Poultry Recipes From the Chinese Food Recipe File
Over fifty recipes, from Kung Pao Chicken to Cantonese Roast Duck, from my Chinese Food Recipes file.

Asparagus Chicken Stir-fry
A great recipe from a reader - chicken and asparagus with a number of Chinese and Thai seasonings, from black bean sauce and oyster to fish sauce.

Cantonese Roast Duck Recipe
This is the duck with the shining skin frequently seen hanging in the windows of Cantonese restaurants.

Curried Turkey Dinner
A quick and easy recipe for busy weeknights using leftover turkey, complete with a nutritional breakdown, from the National Turkey Federation.

Kung Pao Chicken
A spicy Szechuan dish made with diced chicken, chili peppers and peanuts, named after a court official.

Lemon Chicken, Steamed
Brown sugar balances the tart taste of lemon in this popular dish.

Peking Duck
Northern China's most famous dish - includes a recipe for Mandarin crepes to serve with the duck.

Roast Turkey
Looking for something different to serve for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? Turkey is coated with a flavorful marinade including hoisin sauce and honey and roasted in this easy recipe.

Turkey Mandarin Salad Recipe
Put turkey leftovers to use in this simple recipe made with mandarin oranges and poppy seeds.

Chinese Chicken Recipes
Over forty recipes from my recipe file - everything from deep-fried Kung Pao Chicken and Cantonese Steamed Chicken to Moo Goo Gai Pan, a westernized Chinese dish.

ABC's of Cooking with Chicken
Learn how the Chinese cook with chicken, and try some recipes.

Pollo con lo Zenzero
About's Guide to Italian Cuisine notes that Oriental ingredients are beginning to find their way into mainstream Italian cooking. This recipe for baked chicken and yogurt is made with fresh ground ginger.

Chinese Chicken Salad Recipes
Chinese Chicken Salad Recipes - Chinese chicken salad is great as a main dish meal or as a creative way to use up leftover chicken.

Whole Chicken Recipes
Looking for a different way to cook a whole chicken? From stir-frying to roasting, these tasty whole chicken recipes offer a number of different ideas.

War Su Gai
War Su Gai - deep-fried chicken breasts are coated with a flavorful gravy and garnished with almonds in this specialty from Detroit, Michigan.

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