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Recipes by Cooking Method - Categorized by Main Cooking Method

We may automatically associate Chinese food with stir-frying, but Chinese cuisine actually makes use of several different cooking methods. Here is my collection of Chinese recipes categorized by type of cooking technique.

Stir fry recipes - Top 10 Chinese Stir Fry Recipes
The ten most popular stir fry recipes on the Chinese Cuisine site.

Stir-fry Recipes
Want to learn China's most popular cooking technique? From Chicken Chop Suey to Yangchow Fried Rice, here are over fifty Chinese stir-fry recipes, indexed alphabetically.

30 Minute Stir-fry Recipes
These 30 minute stir-fry recipes will help you get dinner ready quickly on busy weeknights.

Deep Fry Recipes - Top 10 Chinese Deep Fry Recipes
Here are my ten most popular deep fry recipes.

Top Difficult Chinese Recipes
Difficult Chinese recipes - which Chinese recipes are most difficult to make (the answers may surprise you!).

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