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Regional Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is actually made up of several distinct regional cooking styles. Learn more about China's regional cuisines, from fiery Szechuan food to Cantonese dim sum.
  1. Beijing Recipes (25)
  2. Cantonese Recipes (34)
  3. Shanghai East China Recipes (20)
  4. Szechuan Recipes (60)

Chinese Cuisine - More Than Cantonese
People often don't realize that the culinary map of China can be divided into several distinct regions. Learn more about the relationship between geography and cooking style in Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Regional Cooking Styles
A more detailed look at the different types of Chinese regional cuisine, from spicy Sichuan food to Cantonese dim sum.

Beijing Cuisine
Beijing cuisine – Noodles, dumplings and pancakes constitute the fan portion of many meals in northern China, where wheat is the staple grain. Learn more about Beijing cuisine, the regional cooking style of northern China, and try some recipes.

Cantonese Cuisine
Cantonese cooking is considered to be the finest of China's regional cuisines.

Shanghai Cuisine
Slow cooking and more frequent use of soy sauce and other seasonings characterizes the cuisine of Eastern China.

Hot in Hunan
What separates Hunan cooking from Szechuan regional cuisine? Learn more and try some recipes.

Beijing Recipes
Top Beijing recipes - The most popular recipes from the northern Chinese school of cooking.

Top 10 Cantonese Recipes
Cantonese cuisine is considered to be China's haute cuisine. Here are popular Cantonese restaurant recipes and home-cooked dishes.

Shanghai Recipes (Eastern Chinese Cooking)
A selection of the most popular recipes from the Eastern Chinese school of cooking, often referred to as Shanghai cuisine.

Szechuan Recipes
top szechuan recipes - hot, humid climates call for food that is both hot and highly spiced. Here is my choice for the top 10 Szechuan recipes.

Peking Chinese Cuisine
Peking Chinese Cuisine - A Collection of Chinese Recipes representing the cuisine of northern China.

Chinese Food Recipes - Recipes from Eastern China including Shanghai
A Collection of Chinese Recipes representative of Eastern China, including Shanghai

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