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New to Chinese Cooking? - Basic Tips and Techniques

Whether you're a complete newcomer to Chinese cuisine, or have been too intimidated by the unusual cooking equipment and ingredients to try making it yourself, this page is dedicated to helping you learn about Chinese cooking.
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  3. Chinese Cooking Videos (12)
  4. Chinese Food Glossary (65)
  5. Cookbooks and Classes (61)
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How to Stir-fry Beef
Does your beef start foaming and stewing as soon as it comes into contact with a hot wok? These simple steps take the mystery out of how to stir-fry beef.

Ingredients - When it's Time to Cook
Looking for easy instructions on peeling ginger, draining tofu or even opening a coconut? Here are simple step by step instructions for cooking with different types of Asian ingredients.

Most Popular Features
From green tea to cooking bok choy, here are the most popular features on the About.com Chinese Food website.

Top Chinese Food Stories
Chinese food products made news for all the wrong reasons in 2007 and 2008. However, throughout the years, Chinese cuisine has grabbed a few more upbeat headlines. Here are some of my favorite fun Chinese food stories.

Cooking Rice
Like hardboiling eggs, cooking rice is one of the those things that seems like it should be easy but can turn out to be quite difficult. Here are tips to help your rice turn out perfectly every time.

Need more help? Here are photo instructions showing how to cook rice.

Top 10 Easy Chinese Recipes
You've decided to take the plunge and start cooking Chinese food. That's great! To help you get started, here are easy Chinese recipes that will give you an idea of the tastes and flavors used in Chinese cooking, without having to buy a wok. The ingredients used should be available in the ethnic or international section of most grocery stores.

Top 5 Mortar and Pestles
The mortar and pestle is the original food processor and it is still the best. Whether you’re preparing Chinese five-spice powder or a Thai curry mix, nothing beats a mortar and pestle for bringing out the natural flavor of Asian ingredients.

Teaching Culture through Cooking
Using Chinese Cuisine to teach children about the culture of China

What Ingredients Do I Need To Cook Chinese Food?
Learn what ingredients and cooking equipment are indispensable in chinese cooking.

Garlic and Ginger
Garlic and Ginger - Without these two ingredients, Chinese cooking would not be the same

Cook Brown Rice
Cooking brown rice can be a little tricky. Here are simple instructions showing how to cook brown rice that turns out perfect every time.

Chinese Cooking For the Beginner
Chinese Cooking - Tips on cooking Chinese food for the beginner, with recipes and other resources.

Easy Recipes for the Beginner
Can’t wait to get started? If you can boil sauce, pan-fry chicken thighs, or prepare a gelatin dessert, you won’t have any problem following these recipes. Most supermarkets carry the Chinese ingredients used in the “ethnic” or “international” section.

General Tips and Principles for Cooking Chinese Food
Ready to take the next step? Here are basic fundamental principles and tips to help you learn about cooking Chinese food in a wok.

Why You Need a Wok
Cooking with a wok will make it easier to learn stir-frying and other Chinese cooking techniques. This guide will help you choose the wok that is right for you.

Which Wok to Buy?
Even when you’ve decided upon the size and type of wok to buy, there are still many brands to choose from. Here are several woks to choose from my top picks.

Getting Started - What Do I Buy First?
My guide to the ingredients and cooking utensils you need to begin cooking Chinese food.

Twenty Tips for Stir-frying
These simple tips will take the mystery out of stir-frying.

How to Store Chinese Sauces and Seasonings
Find out how to store Chinese sauces and seasonings, and learn the telltale signs that a sauce is starting to lose its freshness.

How to Choose a Cooking Class
It’s always more fun to learn to a new skill with a group of people, and cooking is no exception. Here is practical advice on what to look for in a cooking class.

How to Plan a Chinese Meal
Learn how to serve an authentic Chinese meal. The feature includes a sample menu with recipes.

Pairing Wine With Chinese Food
A common misconception is that beer is the only type of alcohol that goes well with Chinese food. Here are simple tips for pairing wine with different types of Chinese regional cuisines.

Recipe Reviews
Readers review recipes from the Chinese cuisine recipe file.

What is Diagonal Cutting?
Many stir-fry recipes call for vegetables to be cut on the diagonal. This very simple technique helps vegetables cook more quickly and absorb more flavor from the ingredients it is cooked with. Learn how to cut vegetables on the diagonal in this easy step by step tutorial with photos.

Six Surefire Ways to Spoil a Stir-fry
Stir-frying is easy, if you follow a few basic tips. But what happens if you try to stir-fry without covering the basics? Here are the top six surefire ways to spoil a stir-fry.

Chinese Recipe Box
Here are all my Chinese recipes, sorted alphabetically, by the top 40, and in categories such as calorie counters. Includes recipes sorted by cooking technique, and regional Chinese dishes.

Easy Stir Fry Tips - How to Make a Stir fry - Quick and Easy Stir fry Tips
It's easy to think preparing a stir fry on busy weeknights isn't worth the bother. Who wants to start peeling, chopping and mixing at the end of the day? But the actual act of stir frying takes only five to ten minutes - it's preparing the ingredients that can be so time consuming. These simple tips will help you turn out quick and easy stir fries:

Steaming Rice - How to Steam Rice on the Stovetop
Steaming Rice - Here are simple instructions for steaming rice, with pictures of each step.

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