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Sticky Rice Recipes


Throughout Asia, sticky rice (glutinous rice, sweet rice) is used in dumplings, desserts and more. Here is a collection of sticky rice recipes.

1. Pearl Balls

Pearl Balls
Rhonda Parkinson
What makes this appetizer stand out are the grains of glutinous rice (also called sweet or sticky rice), which turn a pearly color when cooked. Note: While the preparation and cooking time for the Pearl Balls is under an hour, be sure to allow several hours for soaking the glutinous rice. The easiest method is simply to soak it overnight.

2. Lotus Leaf Wraps (Lo Mai Gai)

This popular dim sum dish is made by steaming lotus leaves filled with sticky rice, chinese sausages, and other vegetables.

3. Peanut Sticky Rice

Peanuts are simmered with sweet sticky rice and coconut milk in this Vietnamese recipe from cookbook author Diana my-tran, reprinted with permission from The Vietnamese Cookbook.

4. Zongzi Dumplings

Zongzi Bamboo Dumplings
Rhonda Parkinson
Zongzi is the festive food traditionally served during Dragon Boat Festival celebrations. Here is a basic recipe. This recipe was submitted by guest writer Ronghe Yu.

5. Japanese Sweet Rice Balls

In Japan, these rice balls are cooked during the Spring Equinox. This recipe comes from Setsuko Yoshizuko, the About.com Guide to Japanese Food.

6. Zoni (Japanese Rice Cake Soup)

In Japan, glutinous rice is pounded to make mocha or rice cakes that are used in a number of different ways. In this recipe, also from our Japanese Food Guide, the rice cakes re added to soup.

7. Sticky Rice Dessert With Pandan

This easy dessert recipe comes from Darlene Schmidt, About.com Guide to Thai Food.

8. Laotian Sticky Rice With Durian (Khao Niao Thu Lien)

An interesting dessert from Laos.

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