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Fried Rice Recipes

All of my favorite fried rice recipes are here, including Basic Fried Rice, Pork Fried Rice, fried rice recipes with shrimp or chicken and Yangchow Fried Rice. Also, an easy fried rice recipe using canned tuna.

Beef Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice - tender strips of marinated beef lend flavor to the heating rice in this quick stir-fry dish.

Ground Beef Fried Rice
Ground Beef Fried Rice - Marinated ground beef and curry powder add extra flavor to heating rice in this easy fried rice recipe.

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe
Vegetable fried rice - Yummy cashews add a load of health benefits to this simple recipe for vegetable fried rice.

Lap Cheung Fried Rice
Fried rice recipe Chinese sausage adds flavor to this homecooked fried rice dish.

Mama Choo Cha's Egg Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice bean sprouts and green onion add flavor to this easy fried rice recipe.

How to Make Fried Rice
How to make fried rice The classic Chinese restaurant dish, fried rice is a great way to use up leftovers. Here are simple step by step instructions, with photos, for making basic fried rice.

Fabulous Fried Rice
Step-by-step instructions for cooking rice, and fried rice recipes, from your Guide.

Basic Fried Rice Recipe
A basic recipe for fried rice - build on it with your own choice of meat and vegetables.

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
A quick and easy recipe for chicken fried rice made with oyster sauce.

Fried Rice With Ham
A great comfort food - cooked rice with ham, peas and Asian seasonings.

Eight Treasure Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage Recipe
Eight Treasure Fried Rice – perfect for parties, this festive fried rice dish is made with shrimp, Chinese sausage and cashews

Maddy's Fried Rice - Fried Rice With Chicken and Prawns
A great recipe submitted by a reader.

Pork Fried Rice Recipe
Roast pork and Napa cabbage are a great addition to basic fried rice. Seasonings include soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Quick and Easy Pineapple Fried Rice
A quick and easy version of the popular restaurant dish, using cooked shrimp and canned pineapple.

Shrimp Fried Rice
Fried rice seasoned with oyster and soy sauce - one of my most popular recipes.

Pork Fried Rice Recipe With Onion
A more savory version, with dark soy sauce and onion.

Spicy Vegetarian Fried Rice with Peanuts Recipe
Peanuts provide protein and chili paste adds the heat in this vegetarian fried rice with sweetcorn, red bell pepper and green onion.

Sun Ya Fried Rice
Sun Ya Fried Rice - a fancy fried rice recipe with chicken, shrimp, pork and mushrooms.

Taiwanese Fried Rice With Fish and Vegetables
A quick and easy dinner made with canned tuna, cooked rice and seasonings.

Yangchow Fried Rice
This recipe is a specialty of the Yangchow region in eastern China.

Char Siu Pork Fried Rice
Pork fried rice - savory char siu barbecued pork is a great choice for fried rice dishes.

Fried Rice Classic 2001
Winning recipes with photos from Chen Fu Ji's annual competition to find the best fried rice recipe. The judging panel included celebrity chef Martin Yan.

Brown Fried Rice With Tofu, Tomatoes and Cucumber
Perfect for late summer - fresh cucumbers and tomatoes are paired with tofu in this healthy brown fried rice dish.

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