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The typical Chinese salad is very different from typical western green salads. Find out more, and try out some interesting recipes.

Chinese Salad Recipes
Chinese salad - Whether you’re looking for a fun fusion recipe that provides a different twist on coleslaw or potato salad, or a recipe for authentic Szechuan Bang Bang Chicken, you’ll find it in this collection of the best Chinese salad recipes.

Chinese Salads
Chinese salads - history, information, resources, and recipes

Potato Salad Recipe - a Recipe for Spicy Potato Salad With Asian Seasonings
Potato Salad recipe - this recipe for Chinese potato salad has a spicy rice vinegar dressing.

Chinese Salads
Learn about the difference between Chinese and western salads, from your Guide. Includes a number of recipes for salads and salad dressings, from Chinese Chicken Salad with Rice Sticks to a salad flavored with black beans.

Chinese Chicken Salad
A recipe for Chinese chicken salad made with shredded chicken and preserved ginger. The rice sticks are a nice touch but if unavailable, try serving the chicken on a bed of chow mein noodles.

Chinese Coleslaw
Velvety red cabbage and emerald bok choy, delicate olive oil and rice vinegar come together in this Chinese take on a standard coleslaw recipe

Chinese Chilled Melon Fruit Salad
Here's a great recipe when you want to impress guests - a selection of seasonal fruits are coated in a light sugar syrup and attractively arranged in honeydew melon halves. The recipe includes a photo of the dish.

Chinese Fruit Salad
This colorful fruit salad features a variety of fresh fruit in season, from mangoes to strawberries, with a five-spice and sugar topping.

Chinese Potato Salad
Add an Asian flavor to your next picnic or cookout with this recipe for Chinese potato salad made with a spicy rice vinegar and cayenne pepper dressing.

Hot Szechuan Chicken Salad Recipe - Bang Bang Ji
This version of the popular Szechuan dish calls for one cooked chicken breast.

Salad Greens a la Chinois
Stir-fried salad greens with seasonings, from the Recipe Source.

Chinese Chicken Salad Recipes
Chinese Chicken Salad Recipes - Chinese chicken salad is great as a main dish meal or as a creative way to use up leftover chicken.

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