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Sauce and Seasoning Recipes

A resource of recipes for seasonings and dipping sauces such as plum sauce, soy, XO sauce, marinades and cooking sauces. Also, information about ingredients used in sauces and seasonings, such as sesame.
  1. Dipping Sauce Recipes (15)
  2. Marinades (3)

Chinese Brown Sauce - How to Make Brown Sauce With Bouillion Cubes
Chinese Brown Sauce Here is a recipe for making brown sauce with bouillion cubes

Chinese XO Sauce Recipe
The beauty of this XO sauce recipe is that the author shows you how to dry your own shrimp and scallops at home, meaning that even those who don’t have access to an Asian market can make it.

Ginger Scallion Oil
Ginger Scallion Oil - This goes nicely with cold poached chicken or with many types of fish.

Easy Barbecue Sauce - Asian Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Easy barbecue sauce – Chinese seasonings such as hoisin and oyster sauce add a different flavor to this easy barbecue sauce recipe.

Chinese Garlic Sauce
A recipe for Chinese garlic sauce with oyster sauce, two types of soy sauce and pungent fresh garlic.

The Mysterious XO Sauce
XO sauce - What is XO sauce, where did it come from, and what do you do with it

Garlic Sauce
Garlic sauce - Chinese Garlic sauce is a great way to add extra flavor to stir-fry recipes, particularly seafood dishes.

Soy Sauce Substitute
Soy Sauce Substitute - a recipe using reduced salt beef broth, molasses and vinegar.

What is a Master Sauce?
Master Sauce – find out what is a Chinese master sauce, and try a recipe for Soy Sauce Chicken.

Chinese Sauce How to Store Chinese Sauce and Seasonings
How to store Chinese sauce - Find out which Chinese Sauces and seasonings you need to refrigerate.

Black Bean Sauce in Chinese Cooking
While nothing beats the unique mixture of salt and spice in fermented black beans (also called salted or preserved black beans), they aren't always available. Here is advice on how to replace fermented black beans with black bean sauce in Chinese cooking.

Top 10 Fermented Black Bean Recipes
Flavored with garlic, salt and other spices, fermented black beans add extra flavor to Chinese dishes. Here are my top 10 Chinese recipes using fermented black beans (also called salted black beans).

Asian Vinaigrette
A quick and easy vinaigrette made with rice vinegar.

Brown Sauce
Brown sauce frequently accompanies restaurant dishes such as Beef With Broccoli.

Chili Oil
Made by heating chili peppers in oil, chili oil is a key ingredient in Szechuan cuisine. In this recipe, cayenne pepper flakes and paprika add extra bite.

Chili Oil Recipe
In this recipe, sesame oil and sugar add extra flavor.

Lobster Sauce
Try the recipe for this popular sauce that goes well with either shrimp or lobster.

Hot Pepper Oil
Hot pepper oil is another name for Szechuan chili oil. This recipe adds sesame oil and cayenne pepper flakes to the heated chili peppers and vegetable oil.

Salt and Pepper Mix
A popular Szechuan cooking condiment, made by heating salt and Szechuan peppercorns. This recipe calls for sea salt.

Sichuan Pepper Salt
A variation on the salt and pepper mix above, this recipe increases the ratio of salt to Szechuan peppercorns.

Sweet and Sour Sauce
A quick and easy recipe that can be used as a dipping sauce or combined with a side dish. This recipe uses ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar and soy sauce.

Sweet and Sour Sauce - Vegetarian
Another ketchup, sugar and white vinegar recipe, with vegetarian Worcestershire sauce for extra flavor. (Non-vegetarians can use standard Worcestershire sauce).

Sweet and Sour Sauce With Tomato Paste
Something different - a recipe using tomato paste, brown sugar and two types of rice vinegar, with a bit of chile paste for extra flavor (leave out if desired).

More Sweet and Sour Recipes
Try recipes for sweet and sour sauce paired with chicken, pork, spareribs and more.

More About Sweet and Sour Sauce
Learn more about this popular sauce.

Sauce/Seasoning Recipes from Your Guide's Recipe File
I've included recipes for plum sauce, oyster sauce, sweet and sour sauce, Szechuan seasonings, and more.

Versatile Chinese Dipping Sauces
Chinese dipping sauces do double duty by enlivening appetizers and main dishes.

You say Coriander, I say...Cilantro?
Both coriander spice and the herb cilantro come from the same plant.

Curry in a Hurry
Curry is more than just a compilation of dry spices. Find out more, and try recipes for Chinese and Southeast Asian curry dishes, pastes, and powders.

Five Spice Powder - Which Spice Gives Which Taste?
How do the individual spices contribute to the sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy taste of five-spice powder?

Rice Vinegar
Chinese rice vinegar offers a sweeter, delicate alternative to regular vinegar.

Sesame Sensations
Sesame's delightfully nutty flavor is found in desserts and dips, sauces and salads. Learn about the history of this exotic seasoning and the types of sesame products used in Chinese cooking.

Soy Sauce
Learn more about the dark brown liquid that is essential to Chinese cooking, including history, types, and tips on usage. From Your Guide.

XO Sauce
If salsa was the "ketchup of the nineties," will XO sauce be the ketchup of the new millennium? Find out more in this article from your Guide.

Vegetable Stir fry Sauce
Vegetable Stir fry Sauce an easy stir-fry sauce for stir-frying vegetables. Vegetable stir-fry sauce.

What Makes a Marinade?
What is the purpose of marinades? How do they work? Find out more in this article by Peggy Trowbridge, About's Home Cooking Guide.

Lobster Sauce With Noodles
Lobster Sauce - This recipe uses both pork and shrimp and is served over lo mein noodles.

What Makes Hot Mustard Hot?
Hot Mustard - Information and recipes about this popular Chinese condiment

Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe
Sweet and sour sauce recipe – orange juice and chopped ginger add an extra kick to this basic Chinese sweet and sour sauce recipe.

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