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Chinese Fish Recipes


Looking for different ways to cook fish? Here is a selection of Asian-inspired and Chinese fish recipes.

1. Ginger-soy Steamed Fish

Farina Kingsley, reprinted with permission of YC Media.
A classic Cantonese method of preparing fish, with steamed fillets lightly coated with sauce and then drizzled with green onions and a small amount of hot oil.

2. Stir-fry Fish Cubes

This simple stir-fry pairs fish fillets with healthy Chinese dried mushrooms (also called black mushrooms), carrots and red bell pepper in a flavorful sauce.

3. Video: How to Steam Fish

In this video Chef John Mitzewich shows how easy it is to steam fish (in this case, red snapper, but you can use any type of firm, whitefleshed fish) in a bamboo steamer.

4. Steamed Fish

A simple but flavorful recipe that pairs fish with Chinese salted black beans. This recipe comes from cookbook author and restaurateur Leann Chin, and includes suggestions for different seasonings.

5. Stir-fry Fish Fillets

I've included a nutritional breakdown with this recipe.

6. Sweet and Sour Fish

Snow peas and red bell pepper and scallions add extra color in this recipe.

7. Steamed Tofu With Fish

This recipe for steamed tofu with fish comes from Chef Theresa Lin, best known as being the food designer on the hit film "Eat Drink Man Woman". She notes that "Fish symbolizes abundance and is served at the end of the New Year's Eve meal to bring diners good fortune."

8. Asian Soy-Glazed Salmon Burgers

In this recipe salmon burgers are made with a ginger-lime aioli and brushed with a flavorful soy glaze during grilling. No wonder that in 2001 it was the grand prize winner in the "Build a Better Burger" contest held by Sutter Home Winery!

9. Chinese Black Sea Bass

In this recipe marinated Black Sea Bass is served with a flavorful sauce with lemon juice, ginger, garlic and toasted sesame seeds. This is a good recipe for cooks who are new to Chinese cooking or just want a recipe for baked fish (instead of steaming or pan-frying, two more traditional Chinese cooking methods).

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