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Shanghai Cuisine - Cooking Styles of Eastern China

Recipes from China's eastern regions including Shanghai and Yangchow, featuring classic recipes such as Yangchow Fried Rice, Pearl Balls made with glutinous rice, Lion's Head Meatballs and "red-cooked" dishes.

Vegetable Rice
Vegetable rice – Stir-fried bok choy and mushrooms add extra flavor to cooking rice in this Shanghai recipe.

Chinese Creamed Cabbage
Chinese Creamed Cabbage – China isn’t known for its creamed dishes, but in this recipe cabbage is lightly coated with a cream sauce and garnished with chopped ham and scallions.

Beggar's Chicken
Seasoned chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and baked in a dough pastry (you'll need a hammer to break it open!) from your Guide's recipe file.

Braised Beef With Radish or Turnips
Braised Beef – Beef is slowly braised in a rich liquid flavored with soy sauce and other seasonings in this recipe from Eastern China

Clam Sycee
A popular New Year's dish - a clam, ground pork, and seasonings are stuffed into clam shells and fried.

Drunken Chicken
This popular appetizer needs to be prepared several days ahead of time.

Four Happiness Pork
This Shanghai specialty from your Guide's recipe file is delicious with steamed buns.

Eight Precious Pudding
This is a famous banquet dish. Traditionally the pudding would contain eight different types of fruit to represent eight precious stones.

Lion's Head Meatballs
A classic Eastern dish - oversized pork meatballs represent the lion's head, while bok choy symbolizes the mane. This recipe is also from your Guide's recipe file.

Pearl Balls
A well known eastern China recipe - Steamed Pork Balls in Glutinous Rice.

Salt and Pepper Spareribs
A spicy dish made with five-spice powder and ground Szechuan peppercorns.

Shrimp Balls
A traditional Shanghai Dim Sum dish, this popular appetizer can be served as a cocktail hors d'oeuvre or as part of a dim sum brunch.

Soy Sauce Chicken
This is an example of red cooking, whereby meat or poultry is simmered in dark soy sauce, imparting a reddish color. Red cooking is a popular cooking technique in Eastern China.

Cold Cooked Chicken (Soy Sauce Chicken)
Here is another recipe for Soy Sauce Chicken - star anise and ginger add flavor to this family favorite from a reader, garnished with scallions (green onions) and Asian sesame seed oil.

Soy Sauce Chicken With Shiitake Mushrooms
A warming dish for cold winter nights - this is a variation on standard soy sauce chicken, made with chicken thighs and with the marinade doing double duty as a sauce.

Steamed Egg Custard
Author Stephen Wong describes this HeartSmart recipe as a "meat cake." It includes a nutritional breakdown.

West Lake Beef Soup
This popular soup is really just a fancier version of Egg Drop Soup, with the addition of marinated ground beef and a slight variation in seasonings.

Yangchow Fried Rice
This colorful fried rice is made without soy sauce. Includes instructions for a Cantonese variation.

Four Main Chinese Regional Cooking Styles
A featuring exploring what distinguishes each of China's four regional styles of cooking.

Crab's Meat Lion's Head
A variation on classic Lion's Head Meatballs, with crab added to the ground pork, from the Recipe Source site.

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