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Tofu Pictures

Don't know what tofu looks like? Here you'll find pictures of different types of tofu, including basic firm tofu and more unusual varieties such as bean curd sticks and tofu puffs.

Red Bean Curd
Red Bean Curd - A photograph of red bean curd, a type of bean curd preserved with rice wine and seasonings

Firm Tofu Picture
A picture of firm tofu, used in stir-fries and for deep-fryng.

Tofu Puffs (Bean Curd Puffs)
Made with deep-fried tofu, tofu puffs are a popular addition to stews, as they soak up the sauce. They also make a great snack!

Dried Bean Curd Sheets
Dried bean curd sheets make a frequent appearance in vegetarian dishes.

Dried Bean Curd Sticks
Used in a number of recipes, dried bean curd sticks resemble yellow icicles.

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