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Chinese Vegetables Pictures

Pictures of the various types of Chinese Vegetables


Chinese vegetables come in a variety of intriguing shapes, sizes and textures - from fuzzy melon(the gourd, not the drink) to the tender young shoots of the bamboo plant. Here are pictures of various types of Chinese vegetables, with links to more information including storage and preparation tips, and recipes.
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Winter Bamboo ShootsBamboo ShootsBitter MelonBitter MelonBok ChoyBok ChoyChinese Broccoli (Gai Lan)Chinese Broccoli
Chinese CeleryChinese CeleryChinese Dried MushroomsChinese Dried MushroomsChinese EggplantChinese EggplantSing GuaSilk Squash
Chinese White Radish (Daikon Radish, Lo Bak)Chinese White Radish (Daikon Radish)Flowering ChivesFlowering ChivesChinese Fuzzy MelonFuzzy Melon (Mo Qua)Chinese ChivesChinese Garlic Chives

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